22.2 is the second version of 22. It compares the original photographs, taken between 2000 and 2009, with new shots of June 2014. 22 and 22.2 portray the transformation of Poblenou from the post-industrial oblivion ...

Traces #1.2 February 14, 2013, Barcelona, From home to Gothic Qu


Traces is a series of unplanned walks through urban landscape based on Guy Debord’s Dérive (“Drifts”). The purpose of the walk is to take pictures, nothing else. It´s always circular: it starts and ends at ...

I dreamed about a human being. Contact Sheet

Contact sheets

As part of my Artificial Intelligence research I made this contact sheets of the faces that the algorithm is finding. You can read more about my research here. You can also view the full contact ...


I dreamed about a human being

“I dreamed about a human being” is part of a project exploring the use of artificial intelligence as applied to photography by using online open source code and data. The project already has a database ...

Casa Vega

Store fronts

2008-… In my routine drifts I always got caught by store fronts.


Software factories

Remember a factory… an early 20th century one. You may come up with some Lewis W Hines iconic images. We need to photograph our XXI factories. I capture the spaces where I work as software ...



2009-… Antiscapes is a work in progress. Antiscapes are landscapes in anti-natural spaces but where you can even recognize or imagine some natural elements almost without human presence. You can see solitude and imagine “what ...


Es Lloga

2009-2010 17/11/2009 Diario: La Vanguardia. Barcelona. (Redacción).- El paro no cesa de aumentar en España y castiga con más crueldad a las pequeñas y medianas empresas. Se calcula que, cada día, 500 autónomos pierden su ...

Barceloneta 5 - Miradas cruzadas

San Sebastián, Barceloneta

2009-… Después de un viaje pasado por agua a Nueva York volvía a casa con la desilusión de no haber podido hacer un Coney Island a lo Bruce Gilden. Tenía planificado un curso de laboratorio ...



2000-2009 22′s pictures are fragments of calm between two ages, two development models: the industrial model and the knowledge model. Poblenou neighborhood in Barcelona suffered the industrial crisis and remained forgotten. It was later conquered ...