Project direction for Barcelona Photobloggers

Main photographic activity since 2006 is create, organize and promote an on-line social network of amateur and professional photographers of Barcelona Area.
This cultural management for Barcelona Photobloggers were mainly project direction, on-line campaign design and exhibits curational.

  • Mobile, real time, Barcelona exhibit:, was an invitation to share your view of the crisis. It was shown simultaneously at 28 venues within the Circuit 2013, Documental Photography in Barcelona. 131 authors and 870 photos.
  • Real time, world wide exhibit: Ubiquography “capture, edit, publish, exhibit” in 35 centers in 7 countries with 640 authors and 54.552 pictures, 2012
  • Book: Passengers iPhoneography serving Street Photography, 2011
  • Exhibit: “Photoblogging” Meremagnum, 39 photographers, 65 pictures, Barcelona, 2011.
  • Collaborative transmedia project, exhibit, book and video(es,en): “Arrinconado” Maremagnum, Barcelona, 2010
  • Exhibit: “Tan cerca, tan lejos” Centre Cultural Calisay, Arenys de Mar, and Centre Civic Pati Llimona, Barcelona, 21 photographers, 40 pictures, 2010.
  • Exhibit: “Al Detall” Maremagnum, Barcelona, 22 photographers, 72 pictures, 2009.
  • Exhibit: “elements” Maremagnum, Barcelona, 279 photographers, 1584 pictures, 2008.
  • Exhibit: “10è Fòrum Fotogràfic Can Basté”, Centre Civic Can Baste, Barcelona, 2008.
  • Exhibit: “Les Barcelones de Barcelona” a Sala Ciutat, 41 photographers, 52 pictures, 2008.
  • Meetup: European Photobloggers Meet up 2008.
  • Exhibit: Second collective exhibition Barcelona Photobloggers, 34 photoblogs at Fotonauta Gallery , 2008
  • Exhibit: at Festival BAC!, 400 photographers, 1200 pictures en la Fotonauta Gallery, 2007.
  • Exhibit: at Sonimagfoto 2007 (biggest Spanish photography industry fair)
  • Exhibit: First Spanish Photobloggers collective exhibition, 22 photoblogs, 320 pictures en la Fotonauta Gallery, 2006.


  • “Branguilí va ser aquí, I tu?” and “Barcelona 2000-2011” software, social networking, promotion for open participation. Exhibition: CCCB, Barcelona.
  • Support to Photographic Social Vision in “DOMESTIC, a network space”: software, social networking, promotion for open participation. Exhibition: Centre Cultural Caja Madrid, Barcelona, 198 photographers, 1049 pictures, May and June 2010.


Exhibitions (as photographer)

  • Group: “Urban Landscape Photography Exhibition”, 1650 Gallery, Los Ángeles, USA, 2013
  • Group: “Sólo Móvil”, Real Sociedad Fotográfica, Madrid, 2013 and Centro Cultural Casa del Reloj, Madrid, 2013
  • Group: “Urban Landscape”, Center for Fine Art Photography, Fort Collins, USA, 2012
  • Group: “Calle 35″, VII Biennal de Fotografía Xavier Miserachs, Palafrugell, Girona, 2012
  • Group: “Sincerely Yours” Valid Foto Gallery, Barcelona, 2012
  • Group: “Street photography”, Le Chaudron de Bibracte, Musée de Bibracte – Saint-Léger-sous-Beuvray – Mont Beuvray
  • Group: “Calle 35: La calle es tuya “The Private Space, Barcelona; VISAOFF, Perpignan; Saló de Pedra en Argentona, Argentona, 2011
  • Group: “15M-Indignados”, Espai Fotogràfic Can Basté, Barcelona, 2011.
  • Group: “Capture Brooklyn”, The powerHouse Arena, New York, 2010.
  • Group: “Picturing an Ethical Economy”, Trinity Church Museum, New York, 2010.
  • Group: Slideluck Potshow IV, Sala MauMau, Barcelona, 2010.
  • Solo: “22” at Centre Cívic Pati Llimona, Barcelona, 2010.
  • Group: Slideluck Potshow III, Sala MauMau, Barcelona, 2009
  • Group: “De la red a la pared II”, Galería Fotonauta, Barcelona, 2008.
  • Solo: “inside Out” , Davinci Escola D’Art, Barcelona, 2007.
  • Group: “De la red a la pared”, Galería Fotonauta, Barcelona, 2006.

Workshops (as teacher)

  • Online marketing for photographers for Barcelona Photobloggers, Barcelona, 2009.
  • Lab: Introduction to black and white laboratory techniques for Barcelona Photobloggers, 12 horas, Barcelona, 2009.
  • Photography principles for CampusMac 2008, 4 horas, Barcelona, 2008.
  • Photography principles for CampusMac 2007, 4 horas, Barcelona, 2007.

Courses attendance (as student)

  • Workshop “Explorar la creatividad” by Javier Vallhonrat (La Magistral) 2013
  • Workshop “Las confesiones de la mirada” by Alberto García-Alix (La Magistral) 2012
  • Seminar on cultural management and contemporary creation by Marta Gili (La Magistral) 2011
  • Arduino basic by Alex Posada (Hangar/AAVC), 2010.
  • Introduction to Interactive systems by Alex Posada (Hangar/AAVC), 2010.
  • Workshop: Vivir de la fotografía en el sigo XXI , by Tino Soriano, 2009.
  • Workshop: Reportage on Conflict Zones, RUIDO Photo, by Alfons Rodríguez, 2009.
  • Home studio music production, Centro Cívico Convento Sant Agustí by Pau Guillamet 2006.
  • Introduction to black and white laboratory techniques Pati Llimona, by Rocío Rodríguez Salceda, 2003.

If you are interested in my IT CV please check this link.