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Ubiquography a real-time world-wide mobile photography exhibition


Ubiquography is an exhibition that aims to make people think about the traits that define mobile photography: ubiquity and immediacy. Participants capture, edit and publish their pictures using their phones and they are instantly displayed in the exhibition (inreal-time) emphasizing the immediacy aspect. The exhibition will be simultaneously held in different cities around the…

Fotografies: Street Photography

fotografies Fran Simó

On February 24 at 21:45, Fotografies program on ‘channel 33’ showed a special on street photography for which I had the luck of getting interviewed. My adventure companions were incredible: Eugeni Forcano, Paco Elvira and Rafa Perez. The 25 minute program can be seen here: Some of my photographs can be viewed on Catalunya Television’s website in this online…

Passengers: From the Kodak Brownie to the iPhone


Although iPhoneography might seem to be about a group of addicted fans and technobuffs who cannot stop using their mobile phone, it is in reality the continuation of a trend that began with the advent of the Kodak Brownie in February 1900 and has been developing since then. The Kodak Brownie is recognised as the…

Es lloga (For Rent)

Liquidació per tancament, Barcelona

2009-2010 Quote: “Unemployment keeps rising in Spain, punishing with the most cruelty small and medium-seize businesses. It is estimated that every day 500 independent contractors lose their jobs and every week about 4000 businesses are forced to close. The small and medium-size Catalan companies will demonstrate again tomorrow before the Congress…” (11-17-2009 “La Vanguardia” Newspaper.…

Exhibition “De la red a la pared” (From web to wall)

Exposición "De la red a la pared" de Barcelona Photobloggers en

In recent years, the phenomenon of photoblogs, an extension of the blog culture where photography is the center of attention, has been acquiring adepts on the internet. Around this phenomenon, online communities in various cities around the world, Barcelona among them, have sprung up as a meeting place for the photobloggers. Barcelona Photobloggers come out of…