Fran Simó

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22.2 es la segunda versión de 22, en la que se comparan las fotografías originales, tomadas entre 2000 y 2009, con nuevas capturas de junio del 2014. 22 y 22.2 retratan la transformación de Poblenou desde el olvido post-industrial hacia la “nueva” Barcelona. Hoy, festejando Sant Jordi, se presenta en los stands de The Folio…

Traces – 2013.12.07 – Barcelona


Traces is a collective project that provides a chance to experience a dérive [literally: “drifting”, a technique of rapid passage through varied ambiances] and verify its capacity to document urban space from different perspectives while using a common methodology and creating a psychogeographical map of Barcelona. Following the concept of a dérive proposed by Guy…

Ubiquography a real-time world-wide mobile photography exhibition


Ubiquography is an exhibition that aims to make people think about the traits that define mobile photography: ubiquity and immediacy. Participants capture, edit and publish their pictures using their phones and they are instantly displayed in the exhibition (inreal-time) emphasizing the immediacy aspect. The exhibition will be simultaneously held in different cities around the…

Passengers: From the Kodak Brownie to the iPhone


Although iPhoneography might seem to be about a group of addicted fans and technobuffs who cannot stop using their mobile phone, it is in reality the continuation of a trend that began with the advent of the Kodak Brownie in February 1900 and has been developing since then. The Kodak Brownie is recognised as the…

Es lloga (For Rent)

Liquidació per tancament, Barcelona

2009-2010 Quote: “Unemployment keeps rising in Spain, punishing with the most cruelty small and medium-seize businesses. It is estimated that every day 500 independent contractors lose their jobs and every week about 4000 businesses are forced to close. The small and medium-size Catalan companies will demonstrate again tomorrow before the Congress…” (11-17-2009 “La Vanguardia” Newspaper.…




22′s pictures are fragments of calm between two ages, two development models: the industrial model and the knowledge model.

Poblenou neighborhood in Barcelona suffered the industrial crisis and remained forgotten. It was later conquered by homeless inmigrants, squatters, ruins, demolishers, gipsies, abandoned toys, old account books… and the resistance, people who already lived there before changes began and never wanted to leave.