Fran Simó


As an artist in the new media art environment I explore the relationship between man and technology, paying special attention to the multidisciplinary area of artificial intelligence and its application (in that which has to do with our sense of consciousness and life), to the possibilities of open source/hardware, open data banks or the information that any user shares by mistake.

In turn, I work with intuitive photography. This drifting helps me capture the essence of spaces, places or situations using the city as an enormous plateau. I photograph anonymous people, urban details or insignificant spaces in order to transport them into a different space/time with the intention to create new stories. This way, (frozen) time and (georeferenced) space turn into key aspects of my photographs that I continually save to create a time capsule. My images occupy ludic terrain, often captured in a meditative state that is articulated as a game of exploring the subconscious.

I present my work organized in series of images as installations, photobooks… or by creating environments where photographs are shown accompanied by video and/or music. During the development of my trajectory, I’ve explored participative and collaborative processes that turn into a way of getting together in order to create communities and to promote photography as a means of individual and group artistic expression. At the same time, I have organized exhibitions, debates, publications, marketing campaigns, etc.