Fran Simó

Es lloga (For Rent)


Quote: “Unemployment keeps rising in Spain, punishing with the most cruelty small and medium-seize businesses. It is estimated that every day 500 independent contractors lose their jobs and every week about 4000 businesses are forced to close. The small and medium-size Catalan companies will demonstrate again tomorrow before the Congress…” (11-17-2009 “La Vanguardia” Newspaper. Barcelona. )

The closure of thousands of small businesses is only one facet of a more complex drama. Every store that closes affects its owner, its employees, its providers and all of their families.

Every one of these doors holds the dreams stolen by a financial cataclysm. The entities responsible for it don’t have a name nor can be blamed or punished. All those dreams are now available “for rent”.

Capitalism, in its pure state, inspires the spirit of entrepreneurship and creativity, courage, stability and the value of exchange. As a result of this spirit, wealth, employment, technology and well-being are produced. On the other hand, greed, opulence, lack of ethics and selfishness destroy it.

This crisis is not a result of an external attack. There is no enemy. We, ourselves, have set the bomb. In order for capitalism to be sustainable, there must be a balance between the creative spirit and greed.

The mechanisms of the system’s self-control didn’t work. Nobody listened to the analysts when they warned that the cycle of quick high-risk profit would backfire.

Every time I though about the crisis and its responsible I remember that Bruce Springsteen’s words in Youngstown “Once I made you rich enough, rich enough to forget my name”

Picturing An Ethical Economy Press Release

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