Fran Simó

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Shared Folder (Red box) v’21

POI Finch: “You are being watched. The government has a secret system: a machine that spies on you every hour of every day. I know, because I built it… “ …maybe the government doesn’t need the machine… you are sharing your intimacy without even knowing and anyone can access it with a 35$ machine.

Back in 2015 I asked myself: what could found photography be like in the digital age? I created Shared Folder (Red Box) in 2016.

S’Arenal Summertime 2016

Magazine, 36 pages, 22×28 cm (Letter format)

Traces (personal drifts)

Traces is a series of unplanned walks through urban landscape based on Guy Debord’s Dérive (“Drifts”). The purpose of the walk is to take pictures, nothing else. It´s always circular: it starts and ends at the same point. It happens within one day. I let my subconscious choose direction. I shoot whenever I see anything…

Traces – 2013.12.07 – Barcelona

Traces is a collective project that provides a chance to experience a dérive [literally: “drifting”, a technique of rapid passage through varied ambiances] and verify its capacity to document urban space from different perspectives while using a common methodology and creating a psychogeographical map of Barcelona. Following the concept of a dérive proposed by Guy…

Contact sheets

As part of my Artificial Intelligence research I made this contact sheets of the faces that the algorithm is finding. You can read more about my research here. You can also view the full contact sheets archive in contacts or flickr. The archive is updated every time the system find enough number of new faces.…

Ubiquography a real-time world-wide mobile photography exhibition

Ubiquography is an exhibition that aims to make people think about the traits that define mobile photography: ubiquity and immediacy. Participants capture, edit and publish their pictures using their phones and they are instantly displayed in the exhibition (inreal-time) emphasizing the immediacy aspect. The exhibition will be simultaneously held in different cities around the…

Es lloga (For Rent)

2009-2010 Quote: “Unemployment keeps rising in Spain, punishing with the most cruelty small and medium-seize businesses. It is estimated that every day 500 independent contractors lose their jobs and every week about 4000 businesses are forced to close. The small and medium-size Catalan companies will demonstrate again tomorrow before the Congress…” (11-17-2009 “La Vanguardia” Newspaper.…

Exhibition “De la red a la pared” (From web to wall)

In recent years, the phenomenon of photoblogs, an extension of the blog culture where photography is the center of attention, has been acquiring adepts on the internet. Around this phenomenon, online communities in various cities around the world, Barcelona among them, have sprung up as a meeting place for the photobloggers. Barcelona Photobloggers come out of…