Fran Simó

Ubiquography a real-time world-wide mobile photography exhibition

Ubiquography is an exhibition that aims to make people think about the traits that define mobile photography: ubiquity and immediacy.

Participants capture, edit and publish their pictures using their phones and they are instantly displayed in the exhibition (inreal-time) emphasizing the immediacy aspect.

The exhibition will be simultaneously held in different cities around the world, in very diverse and distant locations, making the exhibition ubiquitous.

Mobile networked photography can’t be explained like traditional photography. A bunch of prints on a wall will never be able to explain to the public what this new photographic paradigm really means. Our full statement can be found here

The exhibition will take place from May 24 to June 8 on 29 venues around the world. Barcelona, Beirut, Kiev and Buenos Aires are just some of the cities hosting the exhibition. The full list can be found here and more venues are being added each day.

We now have 30.000+ pictures from over 50 countries and 1000 cities from 500+ authors! map

The website is operating since January 2012, receiving and showing works made using a mobile phone and Instagram.

Ubiquography in the press:

Noticias Cuatro TV, La Vanguardia, RNE (26’) Radio, BVisio TV

Ubiquography is a project of Barcelona Photobloggers a non-profit organization based in Barcelona.