Fran Simó

Buy me a life!

Buy me a life! I’ll use my energy to create art, help other artists, walk my spiritual path and share my knowledge.

2501Ξ is a tribute to “Ghost in the Shell”. Project 2501 was born on the net, he(*) become alive as a pure digital being. The original authors of the code didn’t intend to give him a life but “…life finds a way”. I believe life is not restricted to carbon-based lifeforms.

This artwork can be considered a digital asset and a performance. If this artwork is sold, you may follow the money through the blockchains. Anonymity for the artist is not an option.

Is this a joke? No. My intention is not to be disrespectful to collectors or the NFT world. It’s a social experiment where I’m the lab rat. You can always think/dream about what you would do with an enormous amount of money coming from nothing but until it happens to you, it’s impossible to know. What will be the personal cost of this, even if it’s not sold? …that’s the point of my digital art: it makes you think!


(*) The voice was a male one.